High-end Ripstop Polyester

Icarex has set the standard in performance and durability for ripstop fabrics

In the sport kite industry, Icarex stands as the gold standard, utilized by all major manufacturers. The strength and stability it provides are vital for achieving optimal performance in high-performance sport kites.

Icarex fabric, also known as PC-31 (Polycarbonate-31gram/yd2), boasts the lightest construction among kite fabrics. Its polyurethane (PU) coating on both sides ensures exceptional airtightness and prevents water absorption, guaranteeing top-notch performance even in light winds and rainy conditions. The polyester composition, coupled with double coating, gives Icarex the best porosity among available fabrics.

With very low elongation, Icarex enhances sport kites' responsiveness and accuracy, a unique advantage over nylon fabric. The double-yarn reinforcement woven into the fabric at 10mm intervals in both warp and fill directions ensures unparalleled tear strength for its lightweight. Although polyester ripstop fabric generally offers less tear resistance than nylon ripstop fabric, the symmetrical square reinforcement lines in Icarex provide designers with greater material use flexibility. These distinctive square reinforcement lines are emblematic of Icarex's status as the highest quality fabric in the sport kite market.

Icarex is available in a wide range of vibrant colors, which remain bright and intense due to the fabric's UV resistance. Compared to nylon fabrics, polyester fabric such as Icarex retains its original color intensity much better over time, ensuring a striking appearance in the sky.

  • sport- and trick kites;
  • single line kites;
  • all high spec applications where light weight, airtightness and high dimensional stability are more important than tear strength and elasticity.
  • Material: Polyester
  • Type of nylon: 30 Denrnier Polycarbonate
  • Coating: Double sided polyurethane
  • Weight: 37 (g / m2)
  • Roll Width: 1.40 (m)
  • Tearing strength: Warp 1.2 / Fill 1.2 kg
  • Breaking strength: Warp 28 / Fill 31 (kg / 5cm)
  • Breaking elongation: Warp 12 / Fill 18 (% / 5cm)
  • Air Permeability: 0.02 (cc / cm2 / sec)

Banner of fabric (icarex)
Banner of fabric (icarex)
Banner of fabric (icarex)

Icarex has a weight of 37 g/m². This makes it an incredibly light weight fabric.

Air permeability is the ability of a fabric to allow air to pass through it. For Icarex, it is 0,02 cc per cm² per second*, which is extremely low. This means that the fabric is incredibly airtight, a feature that is vital for the production of kites. *The air permeability figure indicates the volume of air per surface unit in a certain amount of time. The value is measured at a pressure difference of 1 atmosphere given a certain thickness of the fabric. *The air permeability figure indicates the volume of air per surface unit in a certain amount of time. The value is measured at a pressure difference of 1 atmosphere given a certain thickness of the fabric.

Icarex has very low stretch, which is an important advantage of polyester fabric in comparison to nylon fabric. This unique characteristic makes sport kites more responsive and precise.

Double yarn reinforcement is woven into Icarex every 10mm, both in the warp and fill direction. This ensures the highest tear strength possible for the light weight of the fabric.

Due to its durability, Icarex remains in good condition as it ages – even after many hours of intense use, products made from Icarex will still perform the same. Colours also keep their orginal intensity better than other fabrics.

Icarex has excellent UV resistance, due to it being polyester. This means that it keeps its orignal colour intensity much better than other fabrics such as nylon, and is also much more resistant to UV degradation. Chikara has good UV resistance. This can be seen through the many kites that have been created using Mirai, all of which have shown little or no signs of UV degradation.

Icarex is coated in Polyurethane (PU) on both sides, making it extremely airtight and water repellent. This guarantees the best performance in light winds and that the fabric will keep its shape, even in wet, rainy conditions. The polyester in combination with double coating also gives Icarex the best porosity performance of all available fabrics.

Icarex has very high tensile strength. This means that it performs well under high tension and is resistant to stretching.

Icarex has very high dimensional stability. This guarantees that it will not deform when exposed to adverse conditions such as high temperatures and rain.

Icarex Colours

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Icarex is available in many different colors. The color card lists the colors and product codes, which are available directly from stock.
You can easily order in our webshop.

If you are interested in a custom color, please contact us and we can work out the details with you (minimum order quantity is a lot of 1000 meters).

Icarex Spec Sheets

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Teijin is the Japanese manufacturer of Icarex. This global company with more than 21.000 employees specializes in producing a wide range of synthetic fibers and fabrics.
Teijin promises is to enhance quality of life. They do this by maximizing the potential of chemistry, focusing on its benefits for people, society and the global environment to ceaselessly pursue solutions that encourage the evolution of society.


Material Ripstop Nylon
Type of polyester 30Denier Polycarbonate
Coating Double sided Polyurethane (PU) / Double sided WR
Weight (g/m2) 37
Roll width (m) 1.40
Yarn (Dtex) Warp 33 / Fill 33
Tear strength (kg) Warp 1.2 / Fill 1.2
Breaking strength (kg / 5cm) Warp 28 / Fill 31
Breaking elongation (% / 5cm) Warp 12 / Fill 18
Air permeability (cc/cm2 / sec) 0.02
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